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Yacht Crew Job Information Please find below yacht crew information for getting a job. These articles are written for you to have the information needed to have a winning strategy finding a job with a proper resume and understanding the opportunities available in the yacht crew market.

Please remember that you must be Registered with Crewfinders to be considered for a yacht job. Good luck with your job search and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
Motor Versus Sail Yacht Job Five Tips for Yacht Job Resumes
Get your Resume Read and Chosen for a Job

After 30 years of reviewing resumes, this is the basic formula that seems to have worked sucessfully for crew finding positions...
More Five Tips for Yacht Job Resumes

Motor Versus Sail Yacht Job Motor Versus Sail Yacht Jobs
What are the Advantages for Yacht Crew?

Yachts are of two types for yacht jobs. There are motor yacht and sailing yachts available for crew positions... More Motor Versus Sail Yacht Jobs

Click for More Read the news article "A Resume Can Be Your Key to Opportunity" as seen in "The Triton" by Crewfinders International president Linda Turner.

Motor Versus Sail Yacht Job Private Versus Charter Yacht Job
There are two types of yacht crew jobs available on yachts. One of them is private yachts and the other is charter yachts.