Motor Yacht Jobs Versus Sail Yacht Jobs

Read on to find your motor versus sail yacht jobs.

Motor or Sailing Yacht Jobs Yachts are of two types for yacht jobs. There are motor yacht and sailing yachts available for crew positions.

What are the advantages of each?

Salary More Less
Travel Less More
Seamanship Less More
Guests Same Same
Formality More Less
Same Same

The above job items are generalizations and there are exceptions. You as prospective yacht crew should investigate what criteria is involved for each yacht job you seek.

Yacht Jobs on Motor or Sail Yachts

Yacht Crew Jobs on Motor or Sail Yachts

Motor Yacht Jobs One of the most important considerations is money. Salaries are based on experience, skills and yacht size among other things. Motor yachts pay more in salaries but more is expected of the crew. Sailboats pay less but afford more opportunities for the crew.

Motor Yacht Service

Motor yachts are more formal regarding uniforms, owner and guest relations, and job requirements. That is why the salaries are higher.

Motor Yacht Entering Port

Motor Yacht Entering Port
Sailing yachts are less formal in uniform requirements, have easier relations between owners/guests and crew, and less formality in carrying out crew duties. Sail yachts move more often and anchor out more than motor yachts.

Sailing Yacht Maintenance
Sailing Yacht Jobs

Sailboats will require more knowledge of sailing and seamenship but will sometimes teach these skills to motivated individuals who can readily carry out other duties.

By Linda Turner, President
Crewfinders International, Inc.