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Special Announcement Our Fort Lauderdale Crewfinders office building has been sold. Please Call or Email Us as you have been doing and we are happy to help in any way we can with your search for your next yacht position.

Yacht owners reap the rewards of yacht ownership during these special months of summer. The joys of boating are at their best during these social summer months. The extra crew they hire for these months gives them an opportunity to review new talent to add to their staff, possibly for the longer term.

The yachts moving North to New England and East to the Mediterranean offer lots of opportunity for yacht jobs. The opportunity for a charter vessel position is never more available than during the summer season when everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of relaxing on a yacht in an exotic location or nearby to entertain their friends.

This time of year, more than any other, brings the opportunity to move into a yacht crew position that suits your career advancement ambitions. More areas available for cruising and more hours of travelling make advancing your career during this season the most enjoyable.

Crewfinders has supplied yacht crew to some of the best yachts on the water and is currently searching for a number of applicants with specialized talents.

Let us know if you think you have exceptional skills to offer. We will be happy to hear from you.

Our placements are still being done remotely by cell phone and e-mail with great success.

The Crewfinders Average Starting Salary Guidelines gives an idea of the current salaries being paid. Our weekly Positions Page gives a snapshot of our crew positions currently available. Additional positions become available daily and you will be considered for them upon registration.
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Placement Process

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Where do owners, captains and chief stews go for employing crew? See the Yacht Owners, Captains and Stew/Purser pages for forms.

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