Crew Obligations

  1. Be prepared! Take the time and effort to have your best possible resume and references up-to-date and concise.

  2. Keep us informed of any changes i.e. Telephone #, job status, location, etc. Keep your application form updated as needed.

  3. Dress neatly in appropriate attire. Avoid excess jewelry, makeup, perfume and clothing statement extremes: especially when interviewing or visiting agencies and/or boatyards.

  4. It is important not to call or visit an agency excessively, as it does interfere with our work finding you a job. Checking in should be limited to once a week, unless otherwise needed. You will be submitted for all jobs you are qualified for.

  5. When we have an interview for you, please confirm the date, time, place and other info with us. After interviewing, we expect you to contact us with full details. In most cases, one follow-up call to your interviewer is both courteous and advantageous. If you are hired, please let us know. We need the date you start and how much you will be making. This also lets us know to inactivate your file with us until the next time you are looking for work.

  6. Confidentiality benefits both of us. The jobs we offer to you should not be given to other crewmembers. If you know someone who would like the job, let us know so that we may present him or her to the prospective employer. This prevents us from losing potential income.

  7. You are obligated to supply us the dates and amount you have made for all daywork or temporary jobs we give you that you are employed on. We expect you to notify us if you return to work for anyone we have connected you with, should they contact you directly. Our contract with the owner obligates them to pay a fee to us for any work they have you do within one year. This allows us to remain in business for the next time you need our services.

  8. We consider your registration with us a long-term relationship. If a position is not immediately forthcoming, please persevere. Most of all, don't forget us after you are employed.
Yacht Crew Jobs Awaiting
Yacht Crew Jobs Awaiting