Types of Yacht Jobs

There are two types of yacht crew jobs available on yachts.

Private or Charter Yacht Jobs One of them is private yachts and the other is charter yachts. There is some overlap for some vessels but overall, yachts are one or the other.

A Private Yacht is a yacht only for the owner's use. This often includes family and business employees and contacts.

A Charter Yacht is used not only for the owner, but is chartered to groups, families or couples to be used for vacation trips and business use.

What are the advantages of each?

Gratuities No Yes
Salary Same Same
Travel Less More
Guests Less More
More Less
More Less

The above are generalizations and there are exceptions. You as prospective yacht crew should investigate what criteria is involved for each boat job you seek.

One of the most important considerations is money. Salaries are based on experience, skills and yacht size among other things. Charter boats will have less salary sometimes, as you are expected to make more in gratuities. Gratuities at 10-20% of the charter price can be very lucrative. Few private yachts grant tips to the crew, they are expected to work for salary alone, but often give bonuses at the end of the year.

Yacht Crew Jobs in the Caribbean

Yacht Crew Jobs in the Caribbean

Charter yachts have to travel to the cruising areas that are popular for charter vacations which include the Caribbean, Mediterranean, New England and Florida in the U.S. as well as other areas world wide. Once the boat has arrived at the destination, charter yachts will be out on charter many weeks in a busy season. Private yachts will only be as active as the owner is. This means sometimes the boat will be on the dock for weeks awaiting the return of the owner to use the boat. Charter yachts usually have a busier schedule with more guests and more cruising activity per season.

Yacht Crew Jobs for Private or Charter Yachts

Yacht Crew Jobs for Private or Charter Yachts

Crew vacations, health insurance, bonus plans, etc. are more likely on private yachts though some charter yacht owners like to encourage crew longevity by offering good benefits.

In short, if you want to travel and work hard for your money, a charter yacht is the way to go. If you like to work hard and not be on the go constantly, private yachts are preferable.

By Linda Turner, President
Crewfinders International, Inc.