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Due to the current Covid-19 virus status in Broward County, the Crewfinders office is closed and will not schedule any face to face interviews. Crewfinders staff will still be working and happy to help you with any of your needs or questions via Phone or Email.

We apologize for this inconvenience and will continue to make sure Owners, Captains and Crew staffing needs are met. Thank you for continuing to work with Crewfinders.

The fall, with the autumn colors of the leaves changing, make cruising south some of the most beautiful experiences of the year for yacht crew. As the Fall and Winter season arrives, our yachts are making their plans for their moves back to the southern climates where islands are plentiful, and the cruising offers new experiences while they enjoy the warmth of getting away from winter’s chill.

Extra crewmembers are usually hired during the holiday season, which presents a wonderful opportunity to see if a long-term employment relationship would work.

Opportunities are plentiful if you are thinking of heading in a new direction or improving your crew job situation. Owners are reaping the rewards of some of the best talent in the industry looking for new challenges. The winter season on the Eastern seaboard brings cruising in the Bahamas and the Caribbean, usually with some yard periods in South Florida to make ready for the upcoming Charter season. In the Pacific they move from Alaska and California into Baja and Mexico.

Crewfinders has supplied yacht crew to some of the best yachts on the water and is currently searching for a number of applicants with specialized talents. Let us know if you think you have exceptional skills to offer. We will be happy to hear from you.

Our placements are still being done remotely by phone and e-mail with good success. In person meetings will resume at a later date.

The Crewfinders Average Starting Salary Guidelines gives an idea of the current salaries being paid. Our weekly updated Positions Page gives a snapshot of our crew positions currently available. Additional positions become available daily and you will be considered for them upon registration.

Please see the new pages for Yacht Captains Seeking Crew and Chief Stews & Pursers Seeking Crew to help those yacht officers looking for crew with information and forms to use. Also see our FAQ Page for helpful information for yacht crew seeking jobs.

Five Tips for Yacht Job Resumes Five Tips for Yacht Job Resumes
Get your Resume Read and Chosen for a Job

After 30 years of reviewing resumes, (C.V's) this is the basic formula that seems to have worked sucessfully for crew finding positions...
More Five Tips for Yacht Job Resumes

Please use our Secure Registration Form for the fastest method to be presented to an employer for a yacht crew job. We have on our weekly updated Yacht Positions Page samples of our positions currently available and others upon inquiry and registration. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover on the web or by mail or phone. Registered Applicants only may use our new Check-In Form to check-in online.

The Fort Lauderdale placement staff consists of Linda Turner, Heather Chase and Toni Brooks.

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Motor Versus Sail Yacht Jobs

Motor Versus Sail Yacht Job

What are the Advantages for Yacht Crew?

Yachts are of two types for yacht jobs. There are motor yacht and sailing yachts available for crew positions. What are the advantages of each?

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Yacht Crew Resources

Local Fort Lauderdale Info For Crew

Visit the Crewfinders Yacht Crew Services & Resources for lots of local Fort Lauderdale information including Crew Housing, Starting Crew Salaries, Embassies and Visas, Schools and Training, Marinas and Shipyards and Marine Links.

Crewfinders is here to offer these online resources to help new and established yacht crew find what they need to make their professional and personal lives easier.

Yacht Crew Positions Page

Everybody loves the Yacht Crew Positions page, that's where you find the latest listings for jobs open in the yacht market.


Crewfinders has jobs open for captains, engineers, stews, deckhands, mates, chefs and cooks. In addition, Crewfinders has positions available for estate managers, shoreside marine businesses and others.

Go to the Yacht Crew Positions Page and see the latest jobs and career opportunities available. Check back often as this list is updated weekly and sometimes more.

Special Announcement

We decided to sell our Crewfinders office building at 404 SE 17 Street.
The population density was getting to be a bit more than a person used to being on the water was comfortable dealing with and a family who loved the building and location asked to purchase it for a worthwhile amount.
Crewfinders staff have been working remotely since covid, starting in March of 2020. The business has been quite successful during this time, even with limited face to face meetings with our crew members.
Yacht crew tend to always be moving and in other locations when we interact with them even under normal circumstances. Most of our communications even with office space were by phone or email. We are considering new office space in the West Palm Beach or Stuart area, but no final decisions have been made.
Please Call or Email Us as you have been doing and we are happy to help in any way we can with your search for your next yachting position. We apologize for any inconvenience and will continue to make sure Owners, Captains and Crew staffing needs are met. Thank you for continuing to work with Crewfinders.