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Special Announcement Our Fort Lauderdale Crewfinders office building has been sold. Crewfinders staff have been working remotely successfully since Covid. Please Call or Email Us as you have been doing and we are happy to help in any way we can with your search for your next yacht position.

In the Winter season yacht crew are making their plans for their moves back to the southern climates where islands are plentiful, and the cruising offers new experiences while they enjoy the warmth of getting away from winter’s chill.

Extra crewmembers are usually hired during the holiday season, which presents a wonderful opportunity to see if a long-term employment relationship would work.

Opportunities are plentiful if you are thinking of heading in a new direction or improving your crew job situation. Owners are reaping the rewards of some of the best talent in the industry looking for new challenges. The winter season on the Eastern seaboard brings cruising in the Bahamas and the Caribbean, usually with some yard periods in South Florida to make ready for the upcoming Charter season. In the Pacific they move from Alaska and California into Baja and Mexico.
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